Men’s Club

The Men’s Club is in its 47th year of existence and continues to be an integral part of our Synagogue. The Men’s Club focuses on Jewish values and carrying out its principles while providing an opportunity to develop friendships. It also offers educational and service opportunities that reflect the interests of its members. We sponsor youth events, host informative breakfast programs and furnish gifts to our Bar/Bat Mitzvah children. The Men’s Club provides contributions to the Synagogue for capital improvements including the sound system in the Sanctuary and social hall, a new stove in the Pareve kitchen exclusively for synagogue use, new chairs in the small Sanctuary, a new screen in the Simcha room, as well as charitable donations to secular and non-secular organizations. We have bolstered every facet of Synagogue activity.

To download a membership application for Men’s Club, please click here.

For more information contact Michael Katz, Men’s Club president.