Observing a Yahrzeit

Commemorate Your Loved One’s Yarhzeit

Congregation B’nai Israel maintains Yahrzeit records for relatives of all members and deceased members. The Congregation sends Yahrzeit notices to members to remind them of the date of upcoming yahrzeits and to provide them with a variety of meaningful opportunities to observe the Yahrzeit.

Time honored Yahrzeit traditions include lighting a candle on the evening when the Yahrzeit begins, attending services on the evening (Maariv), morning (Shacharit) and afternoon (Mincha) of the Yahrzeit to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish, and giving tzedakah in memory of loved ones.

Meaningful ways to observe a Yahrzeit at B’nai Israel include the following:

  • Attend services and recite the Mourners Kaddish
  • Have a member of the family receive an aliyah in shul in honor of the Yahrzeit
  • Have a memorial prayer recited on the Yahrzeit date
  • Make a donation in memory of a beloved relative
  • Sponsor a kiddush on the Shabbat falling within the Yahrzeit week
  • Purchase a memorial plaque

To indicate your interest in any of these options, please contact the office, or call 732-446-3000.